Madalyn Suits

Madalyn Suits

Peachtree Road

Growing up outside St. Louis, Madalyn heard the rumblings of real estate deals being made. So it was no surprise to her family when she joined the “family business” and wound up helping open the first Atlanta Keller Williams Realty Office.

The words clients use to describe Madalyn is “on it”. She has a passion to make real estate dreams a reality for her clients. Clients become family and her goal is for them to grow their wealth, be happy, and constantly refer their friends, family, and coworkers.

When she is not working with her clients, which is rare, she stays busy with her four kids Lindsey, Hunter, Mallory, Abbey and her husband Jeff. At casa Suits, you will also find one large Goldendoodle named Holly running around with one Mini Bernedoodle Lucy among their 2 cats. She loves to find time for bible studies, exercising, volunteering, a tennis match, or just mindless television.

Her reputation reaches far and wide and the team often jokes that she has 8 degrees of separation with everyone. Her vast connections allow her to be a connector among her clients and whatever vendor or resource they need. Madalyn’s greatest compliment is a referral and repeat client.

804 TOWN BLVD., STE. A2040, ATLANTA, GA 30319