January 20, 2020

Kay Evans Delivers a Session at Buckhead Market Center on Working with International Clients

Natalie Vuoriaho, Glenda Berthelot, Kay Evans, Kira Karlin

You are meeting with Mr. Ivanov to present a property you think he might be interested in. This is your first meeting, and as he enters your office you greet him like an old friend and pat him on the back while offering your hand. He seems agitated and walks out of your office. And now you are asking yourself, “What did I do wrong?”

On Wednesday, January 16, Kay Evans hosted a seminar at the Keller Williams Buckhead office called Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, after the business handbook by Terri Morrison and Wayne Conaway. The seminar focused on how to work with clients from foreign countries, specifically those looking to relocate to the Atlanta area.

Evans wanted to emphasize that it does not matter where people are moving to or from, but what they are sacrificing to do so. “It is important to fit the needs of [the client] regardless of where they are from,” Evans said. “It’s a level of customer service; you will lose people if you do things that might offend them and don’t try to understand them.”

Three countries were highlighted during the seminar: Sweden, Russia, and France. While these three countries have many differences, they all share a few similarities when it comes to how they expect to be treated in a business environment.

Evans was assisted by Buckhead Agent Natalie Vuoriaho, Live Luxury Agent Kira Karlin, and Glenda Berthelot. All of the presenters were either from or previously lived in one of the countries discussed, making the presentation of each country very personal and informative.

To further understand and avoid offending potential foreign clients, consulting Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands is a must for any business professional to prevent yourself from asking “What did I do wrong?”.